Technology Through Healthcare

Jun 23, 2021

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This week's episode of the Rozy Effect takes a turn into the math side of technology: data science to be exact with Gregory Coquillo.

Think of healthcare and technology as a power couple; with the two fields bound together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Just ask this week’s guest, Laura Stokes. Laura is very passionate about the two. In our conversation this week dives deep into healthcare and technology and how the two fields coming together drives a huge impact globally.   

As the director of Platform Growth & Strategic Partnerships at Mahmee, a venture funded maternal health start up backed by Serena Williams and Mark Cuban, no one could have been more appropriate than her to have this conversation with on health care as it relates to technology. Early in her career, Stokes led chronic disease prevention and community health initiatives while working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where she quickly saw the potential for technology to transform public health and accelerate community-driven efforts to address health disparities.Prior to joining Mahmee, Laura gained diverse strategy, operations, and business development experience at start ups, non profit organizations, and government agencies.  Laura is passionate about exploring the intersection of health, technology, and social justice. Laura also holds a Bachelor of Science in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University. 

On this week’s episode of the Rozy effect, we dive into health care and it’s relationship with technology. We discuss the disparities within the healthcare system as it relates to people of colors, mainly women. Especially when the conversation centers around childbearing and prenatal postpartum care. The type of work that Laura does, she wants to produce on a global scale and within communities that would otherwise lack those resources. Laura touches on how technology can solve the lack of healthcare within communities that lack resources to solve healthcare issues. Stokes is passionate about introducing new models of care that improve access to comprehensive healthcare among vulnerable and underserved populations. The platform that Laura currently works for, Mahmee, is a perfect example of technology and healthcare coming together and solving an issue. It is a healthcare system centered on providing prenatal and postpartum health and educational support for expectant and new mothers. New and expecting parents get a personalized dashboard for linking mom and baby’s health records and tracking health over time so that Mahmee care managers can provide ongoing support and education. 

We touched on the gaps in communities that are economically challenged and also happen to be made mainly of people of color and how they are being served in relation to healthcare and some of the solutions that need to be implemented in those communities. Within our conversation Covid-19 was also discussed, specifically the role technology has played in developing a vaccine in such a short amount of time. Laura, with the knowledge and insight that she has within the healthcare field as well as technology was able to break down how it was possible for the vaccine to be produced so fast as well as justifying the validity of the fear and lack of trust many people have for the government in relation to healthcare and specifically this vaccine. To learn more about how technology coming together with healthcare can solve a lot of the health related problems within bipoc communities check out this week’s conversation with Laura Stokes.

Happy listening!

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