Live Authentically on Purpose

Apr 28, 2021

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During our interview with Briana Ford, we talk about purpose and authenticity.

Are you living in your authentic truth? This week, we take you in a different direction focused more on self rather than just tech. It is also a special episode because I had the pleasure to interview a fellow Cornellian and boss, Brianna Ford. Briana gives insights through her journey to live your authentic life.

Brianna has a background in business dating back to her days at Cornell University, SC Johnson College of Business. From there she pursued a career in investment banking at SunTrust, obtaining her series licenses. The story she tells this week is one that is all too familiar to us; we fall into the career we thought we wanted, only to realize it’s not our passion nor purpose. 

It was while she was in the midst of trying to build a career in investment banking that she came to the realization that she was neither living her truth nor fulfilling her purpose. She made the bold decision and took the leap of faith, leaving the career. She then decided to pursue what she felt was true and authentic to her. She currently works in the nonprofit sector at Urban Alliance, where she has the distinct pleasure of serving as a professional development coach to young people across the city of Chicago, Illinois. She is passionate about community revitalization and thoughtful mentoring.

For the young woman starting out in her career or who is unsure of the path or the young woman of color who is currently in a career that is lackluster and is contemplating a change, this one is definitely for you and you do not want to miss it!

Briana has some great insights and introspection on living in line with your purpose and authenticity. Please tune in to The Rozy Effect for more.

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