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May 13, 2021

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Daniel Space has some great insight on navigating job hunting in tech if you don’t necessarily have the tech background or experience.

We’re back with another one: Technology field through the lens of an HR Generalist in the tech world. I know you all have been dying for this one even if you didn’t know it! I know I have. How do I navigate my job hunting in tech if I don’t necessarily have the tech background or experience? Daniel Space had some great insight on this very topic.

Daniel has been in the Human Resource space for over a decade and specifically for large tech, media and entertainment companies. His interest in human resources came through him having to navigate the job hunt and doing research for himself which ultimately landed him his first role as an HR assistant. He enjoyed it so much that he went for a masters in the subject and from there he did Human Resources, Sales and Marketing for some very notable businesses such as Web MD and Spotify. Today, he breaks down how you can go about achieving your career aspirations through tech or any field for that matter.

One of the things he spoke about was the current climate in the job market. If you are looking to break into tech or any other market currently, to put it in Daniel’s words, it’s open season right now. Due to Covid-19, companies were forced to go into remote working. In this instant a lot of positions opened up every and anywhere. The problem is not many people have been looking into these other markets because they’re more focused on the more obvious ones. If you look into working remotely for a company in an unlikely market but who is looking for someone to fulfil a tech position, that is a great way to break into the field. The issue is many people are feeling that if they don’t break into a more obvious field or company such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon, then they have failed and that is just not true. Sometimes thinking outside the box and looking in more unlikely places can be the ticket into tech, according to Daniel.

What is one of the most important aspects of attaining any job?: Knowing your worth and what you are bringing to a company. Contrary to popular belief, where you went to school isn’t the most important fact so much as the skillset you are there to sell. If you can speak on the skills you have on your resume and why you would be an asset to a tech company and you can sell those skillset, then you are halfway there. Daniels speaks on that. Then there’s the taboo topic of salary negotiation, especially as it pertains to BIPOC, right? Most of us are in the mindset, “Well I got the Job so if I negotiate, they might take it back.” No! Daniel actually dispels that myth by speaking on the fact that once they have offered you the position then that obviously means they want you. Knowing how to negotiate and how to approach the subject is key. There is a way to speak on why you think you deserve more and it circles back to what you are bringing to that company. Because at the end of the day, negotiating a salary is just like any other business meeting, you are doing something for the company and that in itself merits compensation.

Please tune to The Rozy Effect for more on what Daniel has to say on the job hunting process specifically as it relates to tech.

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