Accelerating Future of Work In Digital Transformation

Aug 27, 2020

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How do you take the strategies you’re currently employing in the midst of this digital disruption, to reinvent yourself and your teams?

Our guest this week, Jennifer Dulski, offers a roadmap for leaders to identify and navigate opportunities to build effective teams. She discusses what she calls the 3C’s to successful teams (Coaching, Clarifying and Connecting) for the betterment of the future of work in leading digital transformation. 

Jennifer is the CEO and founder of Rising Team, a company that provides data and community for managers to build successful teams. Prior to Rising Team, Jennifer led Facebook Groups and was the former president & COO of Change.org. 

Hear case studies of organizations reinventing collaborative teams in this era of digital disruption to identify and navigate your opportunities to build effective teams and win in your individual, business and technology transformation. 

Hit play to listen above.

Share your thoughts – How are you working towards reinventing yourself and your team during this time of digital disruption?


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