How To Lead Innovation During a Disruption

Aug 10, 2020

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I sit down with renown strategist Eve Psalti, as she shares what she calls an “unconventional approach” to the success of digital transformation.

Confused about who should decide for your company with implementing your digital transformation strategy? 

Look no further! I sit down with renown strategist Eve Psalti, as she shares what she calls an “unconventional approach” to the success of an organization’s digital transformation.

Eve is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, is the Head of Strategic Platforms for Google Cloud responsible for the Canada, US, and Latin America regions. She is working with enterprise customers across industries and geos to help them grow their businesses through digital transformation initiatives

A native of Greece, she holds a Master’s degree and several technology and business certifications from London Business School and the University of Washington.

She’s also passionate about Ed-tech initiatives and enabling under-represented communities to have access to leadership and career growth opportunities through STEM.

In our interview, Eve delves deeper on digital transformation topics like, adapting to new technologies, identifying an organization’s North Star and defining digital transformation KPI’s. She also shares a unique approach to upskilling the workforce in an era of disruption for the success of an organization.

Watch the video here


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