Driving Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in Venture Capital

Aug 4, 2020

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Who has a seat at the table? How can companies switch from conversation to implementation on diversity and inclusion efforts?

All-female founding teams have raised only 2.8% of all VC funding over the past decade. For Black and Latinx women led startups, that number is less than 0.5%. This Morgan Stanley study showed that the gap resulted in $4.4 million of missed potential revenue, in 2012, two years shy of a decade today. Yet, this research by American Express shows that the underfunded female demographic is launching the most startups in America.

"Digital transformation is inextricable from diversity and inclusion, it leads to the best innovation." – Elisa Miller-Out #digitaltransformation #innovation #technology #leadership Click To Tweet

Elisa is an experienced tech entrepreneur, investor, and community builder. She has led countless efforts in driving innovative change with DEI at its helm. Elisa is a Managing Partner and co-founder at Chloe Capital, and an Entrepreneur in Residence across several organizations. She is the chair of the board at Singlebrook, a custom software services firm she co-founded and led as CEO for over 10 years. She served as a board director at Women 2.0, GatheringUs.

A graduate of Barnard College of Columbia University, Elisa has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Forbes and other publications.  

Elisa asserts that a diverse group of people at the decision making table is essential to developing solutions that benefits everyone.

She believes that we must address the lack of diversity, equity and inclusion FIRST, to solve the other problems facing businesses in a rapid changing world.

Press play and learn about how you can lead the change with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in technology transformation. 

What is your take on the impact of diversity, equity and inclusion in Digital transformation?

What is your experience with DEI efforts with digital transformation?

Join in on the conversation below.

Watch the video here


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