Do You Know Your Best Customers?

Aug 4, 2020

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More Than The Technology: Why Digital Transformations Need to Be People Centered

Digital transformation strategies must be developed and deployed with intention. Companies are experiencing the impact of their inability to adapt to change.

When an organization embarks on a digital transformation journey, it is imperative to put the intended end consumer at its center.

We are currently living through a Covid-19 disruption across industries. A transformation strategy that is agile and focuses on the right customer is crucial.

We are currently living through a Covid-19 disruption across industries. A transformation strategy that is agile and focuses on the  right customer is crucial. #digitaltransformation #innovation #technology #leadership Click To Tweet

How Betty Wall Tackles Digital Transformation

Today’s technology leader, Betty Wall, sheds light on leading digital transformation efforts. She discusses the abundance of opportunities businesses have at each level of transformation. 

A talented and accomplished entrepreneur, Betty is the founder and president of TechEdge Consulting, a Women-Owned business enterprise that aids clients with business growth, digital transformations, sales and marketing. Betty is a trailblazer in leading digital transformation efforts.

As the former VP, CMO and part Owner of LPA Software Solutions, Betty helped to transform the company to a nationally recognized data analytics and business intelligence firm. Betty led LPA efforts to win the IBM Beacon finalist award, and has worked with IBM’s executives, and so much more.

Betty is a licensed Engineer, completing her Executive MBA at Harvard Business School. 

Our interview with Betty sheds light on various aspects of digital transformation. She speaks on countless ways to define success for your digital transformation.

Press play and learn about agile tactics to include in your transformation. 

What is your experience with digital transformation efforts?

What would you say is the greatest challenge in Digital Transformation? Share your thoughts below on the interview.

Watch the video here


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