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May 26, 2021

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Tune in for insight from Jim Barrood on ways to build a path towards entrepreneurship and individual digital transformation.

Happy May to all my avid Rozy Effect viewers! This week’s interview is one I think many of you will truly appreciate and enjoy. From running an entrepreneurship center through FDU’s Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for over for 17 years, to leading a regional trade association, The New Jersey Tech Council, this week’s speaker, James Barrood has been involved in the startup, innovative, and entrepreneurship community for over 20 years.

He has been helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and people succeed in rapidly changing environments. He has published thought and leadership articles on these topic and has been widely quoted both locally and globally and has appeared on ABC, MSNBC and other channels/media. He also has a podcast called A Few Things Show with Jim Barrood on Youtube and Itunes.

This week on the Rozy Effect we go into discussion about entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation and how one can set up a blueprint. How can someone who wants to branch into individual digital transformation begin? If I am currently in a corporate role, how can I make the switch into entrepreneurship? James’ belief is that you have to screen the market for a need and also think of your passions. Between those two things the answer to whatever it is you are trying to achieve will come to you. The key thing to note is whether or not whatever you are trying to achieve will bring value to the market place. 

He also touched on the state of affairs in terms of Covid-19 and how within that came a lot of opportunity for someone with a certain skill to establish a business. One example he gave was digital marketing. This is a skill that many companies are willing to pay for and can be done remotely. Anyone with the mind and aptitude for it could build a successful brand providing that type of service to companies. Anything technology based or related had the opportunity to build a business around. 

He also drove the point of lifelong learning and how covid-19 was the perfect time to take to brush up on and learn a new marketable skill. Considering the amount of time allotted to us due to everything being closed now more than ever is the perfect time to take advantage of building a new skill or fortifying a current skill that you have and that very skill could be leveraged in building that path towards entrepreneurship. There are so many classes and learning opportunities that could be found digitally and remotely due to covid-19 that it makes sense to start in that direction towards one’s individual transformation in taking the step towards entrepreneurism.

He also talked about leveraging certain free resources to market yourself and build a following. A great example he gave was of his nephew studying psychology. Tik Tok is currently a leading free app to build a following and branding and he gave his nephew the idea of making videos related to mental health and leveraging his youth on there to gather a following. These are some of the things that could be done to build that path towards.

Please tune in this week to The Rozy Effect for more insight on some of the ways one could build a path towards entrepreneurship and individual digital transformation.

Watch the interview here.

Happy listening!

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