The Emotionally Connected Tech Leader

Apr 14, 2021

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During our interview with Rakesh Dhawan, we take a look into the emotional side of the world of technology.

This week’s episode of The Rozy Effect takes on a different type of conversation in relation to the world of technology. We take a look into the emotional side of it. 

How do we feel when we are investing and learning through technologies and if you’re an entrepreneur, building these tech companies? 

How are the decisions really being made when it comes to getting consumers and investors to buy into the technology being produced?

We had the opportunity to connect with Rakesh Dhawan. Rakesh has extensive experience creating high-tech companies in industrial, commercial, and consumer industries. He is an expert in crystallizing go-to-market strategies while building scalable, repeatable marketing, and product development business models. He is the visionary behind the electrical bike technology, and current President and CEO of Falco E-motors.

Rakesh has a very different view and approach to technology than most tech leaders today. He approaches the topic of Obsolete leaders in tech and paints for us the picture of leaders having the ability to set up teams to be more independent. How?  Allow them access to all information necessary, to execute initiatives and projects related to a company. Rakesh demonstrates the possibilities of implementing such a thing as well as the success that comes with it. He also believes in tapping into your emotions as you are developing technology as an entrepreneur.

In our conversation, Rakesh goes into how emotions play into the aspect of digital transformation. Through his entrepreneurial journey, he has always looked for opportunities to make a difference in business and has delivered results in that realm by tuning into his emotions. 

To all tech enthusiasts and tech entrepreneurs, this one is specifically for you!  Please tune in this week as we dive into technology as it relates to emotion and the positive effects of leadership obsolescence through technology.

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