Data Science in Technology

Jun 9, 2021

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This week's episode of the Rozy Effect takes a turn into the math side of technology: data science to be exact with Gregory Coquillo.

This week’s episode of the Rozy Effect takes a turn into the math side of technology: data science to be exact. Who better to discuss such a topic than with Gregory Coquillo, a data science expert in his own right. Gregory has 10 years of experience in data science and many skills relating to data science. Greg is currently an Amazon Private Brands Program manager and a content creator who was recently named one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in data and Analytics for the year 2020. Gregory’s passion for solving business cases, such as Operative Pricing for commodity-based products has led him deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence. 

One of the best points Gregory made during this conversation was how math has always been a factor in  everything since the beginning of time; Especially in relation to business. There is no exception as it relates to the field of technology. The driving forces behind a lot of our favorite technology brands involves data science. Gregory goes into detail when discussing this in this week’s episode. He speaks on solving business problems related to pricing for commodity-based products and how this led to him going deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence. He speaks on supply and demand in relation to business and data science.

If we take technology out of the equation and just focus business in general, you will find that data science has always been there. If you are looking at an invoice for an order you placed for your business and thinking where and how can you cut back and or save money on your next order,How long will it it take to receive your order or you are reading an email from a customer about a suggestion, question or comment being made in regards to the said product, all that is a form of data science. This is because it’s all being analyzed and whatever is being analyzed will be taken and used to apply a solution to a problem that is  existing or has arisen within that business. Data science also relates to the supply chain field in terms of manufacturing. Supply and demand equals capacity and Data science is used to determine when a product is to be shipped out, how many of the product needs to go out, where it’s being shipped out, why it is being shipped out and How it is being shipped out. 

Gregory talks about how data science operated during the pandemic  and what could be done in the future to prevent such a supply and demand mess from recurring. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer became hot commodities and scarce which created the bullwhip effect. This effect  rippled down each line of the manufacturing phase down from the natural resources to the production line causing a delay in all stages of the supply chain for these products. In order to prevent such a supply chain disaster from recurring he suggested analyzing data from what happened and using the data to determine if ever there was another pandemic what would need to be done differently production wise to ensure that demands are met from production as well as availability of the product.

Gregory’s philosophy as it relates to what one could do to leverage a career in data science and business is quite simple: google it! Whatever you are trying to do, the tools and steps in how to find them he feels, can be found on one of our best free resources yet the internet, and google to be exact. He is also a believer in constantly investing in your upskilling and learning so that it may be put into play for whatever goals are set.

Happy listening!

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This week’s episode of the Rozy Effect takes a turn into the math side of technology: data science to be exact with Gregory Coquillo.

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