Creating Opportunities Through Technology

Mar 31, 2021

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This week, we interview with Noelle Silver, technology evangelist extraordinaire and the current VP of Solutions Architecture at ElectrifiAI.

I need you to think back 15 years ago. How did you perceive the world of technology? Did you see it evolving into the core and forefront of our everyday lives? Are you interested in or are already building a career in tech? If so, is  your career taking the path you envisioned? Are you feeling stuck or disillusioned by where you currently are or where to start in your career journey in tech. If any of these questions are lingering within your mind or resonates with you then you NEED to tune in this week for our interview with Noelle Silver, technology evangelist extraordinaire and the current VP of Solutions Architecture at ElectrifiAI.

During our interview, we go deep into many topics surrounding tech. One of them being how impactful technology has been throughout our everyday lives. Technology has allowed so many other industries to thrive. (Think e-commerce!) Did you imagine 15 years ago that voice technology would even be a thing much less a normal part of our everyday lives and now we have voice commands on our phones and Amazon’s very own Alexa.

We also delve into the value of data. When you think about your data do you ever wonder about the importance of it and how that data can be used for the purpose of good and even bad? Do you ever consider what it means to give companies access to your data in exchange for convenience? These are important questions to consider and ones that we go into.

We also dig into the age old question of diversity as it relates to the tech industry. There is no secret that there is a huge lack of diversity in the technology field. Many of those creating the products that are leading in the field only look like a specific group. That in itself is a huge issue because how can you expect for everyone to be included if they are not even represented in the implementation process of a tech product? Well Noelle has some great insight in the field and as the work that can be done to solve the diversity problem in tech. 
We also dive into Noelle’s work as a multi-award winning technology leader who specializes in conversational AI and Voice technology, Intelligent Apps and Agents and Responsible AI practices. Although her current  role is VP solution architect at ElectrifiAI, she has lead teams at NPR, Microsoft, and Amazon, and is the Founder of #Lovefluencers and the AI Leadership Institute.Her passion for mindful leadership, work-life harmony and empowering people to achieve their potential is a driving force behind her success. She was recently awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for Artificial Intelligence and is an influencer in Voice and AI globally.

Watch the video here.

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