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Hi, I’m Rozy!

I’m an artificial intelligence and data analytics sales leader at a Fortune 500 tech company, a business strategist and public speaker dedicated to equipping you with the tools to leverage your individual, business and technology transformation.

What has become even clearer since this pandemic is that digital transformation not only greatly impacts all industries across sectors, but has an enormous impact on their consumers, especially as our digital and physical worlds meld together. 

As a child growing up in Ghana, West Africa and then in the US, I witnessed first hand in two different cultural contexts technology transformation across industries that improved people’s lives. Sadly I have also seen the devastating impact on consumers when technology transformation efforts are deployed haphazardly. From my experience in industries like healthcare, these missteps can be life-threatening.


The key factor that differentiates a successful digital transformation strategy from one that ends up hurting the intended end consumer, is a focus on people.

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My Values

In childhood, my early career as a biologist and even while earning my MBA from Cornell University, the consistent thread has always been a value my parents instilled in me. They taught me to appreciate and leverage the different perspectives in a community, and the importance of investing in knowledge sharing. 

Far too often, the story and even the vision for the future of digital transformation has been told from a specific lens. Given my perspective, one stemming largely from my experience as a Black, female immigrant working in tech, guiding visionary leaders on their AI digital transformation, I am invested in increasing diverse voices within the work around digital transformation. This is why I founded The Rozy Effect.

Which brings me to you…

I have been fortunate enough to travel across the world – sitting down with global business leaders of digital first companies across industries including healthcare, agriculture, automobile, beauty, fashion, government and others. From the strong entrepreneurial community of Israel and the innovative beauty industry of South Korea to the transforming automobile industry in Japan and the impeccable approach to fintech in Kenya, it is clear that technology disruption is all around us. 

Research shows that the next generation of consumers will be the most diverse. From your selection of decision makers and ideation processes to insights and deployment, incorporating diversity and inclusion within digital transformation efforts has never been more important to the success of your business. 

The Rozy Effect seeks to help you gather information, glean from expert advice, and discover tips and tricks to make the best decisions on your individual, business and technology transformation journey. We want to give you the keys to lead in digital transformation right now!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m excited to be on this journey with you!


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